Math and Science Objectives and Homework, Oct 1-5

Haywood Soil and Water Conservation Field Day -

On Thursday, October 4, we will be participating in this exciting one day field experience at the Test Farm. Students should bring a lunch from home, as well as a water bottle. The dress code allows for jeans, but students must wear either an SRCA polo or dress-down shirt, as well as closed-toe shoes. Hat and sunscreen is encouraged.


This week we will continue our study of weather and climate. Students have explored the causes of seasons, and we are now learning about air pressure. Students should be regularly reviewing the study materials provided, and filling in their study guides as we go.



This week we will continue developing our skills and knowledge of adding and subtracting fractions and now mixed numbers. Students are expected to demonstrate accuracy in finding common denominators, adding, subtracting with regrouping, and simplifying answers.


Monday evening – Science Home Practice and Review – Oct 1

Tuesday evening – add, subtract fractions Oct 2

Wednesday evening (Due Friday) – add, subtract fractions mixed number Oct 3

Thursday evening – no homework is assigned due to the field trip.