Bus Transportation

We currently have two morning and afternoon bus routes.

If you miss an afternoon bus pick-up your child will be brought back to school and will be with our School Resource Officer when you arrive.

Morning Routes

Westbound Route:

Balsam Rest Area- Arrive: 7:05 AM Depart: 7:10 AM

Waynesville First United Methodist Church- Arrive: 7:25 AM, Depart: 7:30 AM

Eastbound Route:

Canton Ingles- Arrive: 7:15AM Depart 7:20AM

Clyde Central United Methodist Church- Arrive: 7:35AM, Depart: 7:40AM

Afternoon Routes

Eastbound Route:

Longs Chapel- Arrive: 3:15PM Depart: 3:20PM **starting Tuesday, August 21**

Clyde Central United Methodist Church- Arrive: 3:30PM Depart: 3:35PM

Canton Ingles- Arrive: 3:45 PM

Westbound Route:

Waynesville First United Methodist Church- Arrive: 3:25PM Depart: 3:30PM,

Balsam Rest Area- Arrive: 3:45PM